As states continue with relentless regularity and ever increasing ferocity, to use war as a means to bolster their power and feed the greed of corporate capitalism, now more than ever, there is a need to abolish borders. All borders between nations, societies, cultures and whatever else divides and defines us.

        These borders will not be abolished by the European Union, United Nations or any other elitist institution. They will merely be redrawn according to the power structure within these institutions and those powers external to the existing borders.

        In order to eliminate poverty, exploitation and war it is necessary to build society structured on communities based on sustainability, free association, voluntary co-operation and mutual aid that tends to the needs of all its people and not to the greed of parasitical shareholders.

       This is however impossible as long as we tolerate, states, governments, authoritarian institutions and the greed of capitalism. To bring about the abolition of all borders it is necessary to increase collaboration between the ordinary people of East and West in resisting capitalism, Fortress Europe, globalisation of the world economy and the destructive effects these have on the planet and our daily lives. All this destruction, violence and poverty is in the name of profit and power.

        It will require an exchange of aspirations, co-operation and mutual respect from all the ordinary people struggling to create communities based on the afore mentioned values. It will not come from above, from authority nor the greed of capitalism. We, the ordinary citizens of the world, must create our own new world order, a world order fit for all our children and our grandchildren, a colourful world of freedom of movement where all can achieve their full potential free from the fear of deprivation.

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