As the West grows fat

the Third World squirms and dies,

poverty devours their tomorrows

while the West swims in a sea of lies.

Look, see their lacerated lives,

their pot bellies and spindle limbs

with hands stretching out towards you?

They’re not begging,

they’ve earned the right to demand.

Their poverty has kept us fat and warm

as we shaded our eyes from the light of reality,

well, now they’re demanding.

Demanding we wake from our soft slumber

see their suffering, grasp their hand,

pull them from the blood sucking morass of poverty

inflicted on them by our sightless greed.

Our blindness stole their dad’s bowl of rice

our lassitude slew their brother

our flights of fashion starved their sister

our arrogance maimed their mother.

ann arky’s home.



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