Whenever a group or individual lets off a bomb whether they be nationalists, religious fundamentalist, fascist, republican, or whatever, the media would have it that they are creating “anarchy”. Anarchist as far as the media are concerned create and desire chaos. The media, never having interviewed anarchists, have created this myth that anarchists are against organisation and believe in violence as a way of life, even although the state is the biggest perpetrator of violence, think Iraq, Afghanistan etc.. This same media claim that with no government there would be chaos.

        However, have a look around and see for yourself the results of government. Everywhere we look we see chaos and destruction, greed and poverty. Thousands go homeless as house builders are on the dole. Thousands of People in Scotland will sit in cold houses while gas companies make billions of pounds profit. The price of butter is extortionate and every year Europe has a butter mountain. As millions die from starvation we turn fish into fertiliser, switch food crops to bio-fuel meanwhile governments spend billions of pounds on nuclear weapons with the capability to turn the planet to dust. Today the world has governments it also has chaos.

        Why, you might ask does such madness and chaos go on? The answer is quite simple, “profit”, this whole system is built around and geared to creating “profit” for the small group of parasites that own the means of production. Human need is not their concern. In fact it is the opposite, their drive for profit means that they will continue to squeeze the amount paid for materials and labour, Their aims and our aims are incompatible. Governments are here to safeguard the wealth of that bunch of parasites.

        Anarchists believe in “organising” society from community level, working in federation with all other communities to create a sane society that sees to the needs of all the people based on individual freedom, sustainability, co-operation and mutual aid, free from the greed driven “profit” motive. Chaos and violence we have in abundance, organisation, peace and sanity we want.

ann arky’s home.


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