If anyone is in doubt, that we in the UK, are now in a police state perhaps the knowledge that the UK has the biggest police DNA database in the world might help them to see the true nature of our society. Also the fact that a police chief can call for the police to be allowed to administer summary justice, dispensing with cautioning, charging and trials, surely smacks of something very offensive.

      The government wants everyone on the database and in the process is sucking in children along the way. To date it has already spent more than £300 million of your money and my money on this project, no doubt with more to follow. I believe the following figures should cause some alarm among ordinary people. At present more than 5% of the British population have their DNA profiles held by the police. The EU average is 1.1% and in the US it is 0.5%. Within this volume of DNA samples more than 51,000 are from children who have never been cautioned or charged, plus 140,000 adults who have never been cautioned or charged. Also 24 % of those on the database who have never been charged with committing a crime come from ethnic minorities, this is three times their representative proportion in the UK as a whole. To this offensive catalogue of personal DNA profiles is added a further 40,000 every month. At this rate there will be 4.25 million on the database by 2008, according to the Home Office’s own predictions.

         Some people might might be under the impression that the police need this information in tackling crime and that they make good use of the database details. However the reality says the opposite, and perhaps is hard to believe, only 0.35% of all the crimes detected by the police during 2004/05 came about as a result of using DNA samples, this hardly merits the plundering of our personal DNA profiles and an expenditure of over £300 million of our tax money.

          We are already finger printing school children at their schools without the permission of their parents, and failing to mention it afterwards.

        Its all about control, the state wants to know where your are and why you’re there. Then there was our previous loopy-loo delusional Christian fundamentalist Prime Minister St. Blair, who was intent on taking it further with his control freak idea of targeting the unborn “thugs”, doing something about them before they arrive, perhaps he had in mind an abortion order on the mothers of yet-to-be-born “thugs.” Perhaps he was thinking of funding, with taxpayers money, some hi-tec company to develop some super scanner that can detect the “thug” foetus at the early stages. Of course it would never have occured to him that perhaps alienation, poverty and exploitation are some of the root causes of the problems he perceives.

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