Ann arky, an old wrinkly, boarded the bus at Hope St and placed the bus pass on the wee machine. Red light flashes, after umpteen attempts by myself and the driver, still no ticket. The driver then took the pass and said, “You’ll need to get off the bus”. “You have to be joking” was my reply. However he was not joking, he said that I would have to leave the bus or he keeps my pass as he can’t issue me with a ticket. I let the queue that had formed do their thing and then tried again, this time correct light and ticket appeared. This might seem like a slight inconvenience but had this been the governments super-duper-all-in-one ID card, it could fail when I go to get my medication, sorry sir, no medication, I’m deid. Or perhaps I wanted to draw my pension to get some grub, no money, no food. You might say that it is a once in a million chance but on the 1st January this year in Germany 30 million cards failed to function. People couldn’t draw money from ATM machines, nor could they make any purchases. As far as I am aware it took about a week to put things right. In this country if the government gets its way it could be a week without money, medication, no access to benefits, hospitals, dentists, etc. and of course if you’re a pensioner, a long walk home at night. This ID insanity must be stopped to avoid a real disaster.

ann arky’s home.

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